These parody murals mixed Williamsburg-insider references with the visual ad tropes of luxury real estate developers, palm-reading psychics, and Craigslist missed connections. The copy and art were designed to be just weird enough to make people double-take but could almost be taken as real.

Dropping in digs at kombucha drinking, corporate expansion, tattoos, and typos, the ads showed that we could amuse the public while raising brand awareness. Rendered by Colossal’s skilled artists, the murals also demonstrated their talent and photorealistic abilities.

The extra-curious were encouraged to call 1-844-COL-OSAL, a toll-free number loaded with crank voicemail messages. A sample splicing of the messages can be heard in the video clip below.



Results: A huge success, as passersby were amused and brand awareness increased! Hundreds of thousands of likes from photos posted on Instagram and Twitter, with fans creating their own hashtags and memes. Gothamist, Adweek, Mediabistro, DNA Info and more picked up the story.


art direction: Doubleday & Cartwright

voicemail script & acting:  Tom McNaught


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